How To Avoid Human Hair Wigs Tangles


As we all know, whether you wear your wig every day or save a certain style for a special occasion, Human Hair Wigs much like our own hair, They can often end up in knots, Especially those individuals with Long Human Hair Wigs. Anything from wind and rain to putting on your favourite outfit can cause real hair wigs to tangle, particularly if it is even slightly curly such as wave human hair wigs, not to mention deep wave human hair wigs or Curly Wigs. So a few stubborn knots is something we all have to contend with.

Here at, we hope to help you try to avoid that with some affordable, natural solutions to a problem everyone has suffered from at one time or another.


1.Why Does My Human Hair Wig Tangle Anyway?

There could be a few reasons why your real hair wig is constantly tangling. Hair texture, the quality of wigs, frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, as well as the conditioning of the wig can all contribute to matting. 

Reason 1: Not take care of your wig well

First and foremost, not taking proper care of your human hair wig will eventually cause them to tangle and mat up.

Reason 2: Wear poor quality human hair wigs 

It is best to focus on the quality and hair texture of a wig. You cannot buy cheap hair wig and assume that you can get much wear out of it before it begins to tangle and eventually mat up. Poor quality human hair wig can be overly processed which will cause it to become tangled and matted at the first touch of water, heat or even weather conditions. Super thick and curly human hair wig is more likely to be dry, damaged and get tangled.

Sogoodhair human hair wig is made of 100% virgin human hair, and it is absolutely smooth from the top to the end, no tangle, no shedding and it is lustrous in any view. 

Reason 3: Harsh weather conditions

You probably never thought that weather conditions could affect your hair wigs. Harsh weather and extreme weather conditions (especially in the wind) can change any human hair wig for the worst. 

Reason 4: Seldom brush the wig

Your wig is more likely to tangle if you don't brush your wig human hair throughout the day and sleep with your human hair wig down.

Now that the blame game is over and you understand why your human hair wigs are tangling. Let's look for a solution. We will also discuss super easy ways to prevent tangling and matting wigs.


2.How To Untangle Your Long Human Hair Wig?

Step 1: Washing your wig

Adopting a wash care routine is a great way to keep your human hair wig tangle free. Fill your basin with lukewarm water and add in a squeeze of wig shampoo into the water, swirling your wig in the solution and rubbing a little extra shampoo through the hair with your fingers. Rinse the wig with cool water, making sure the water is running in the same direction as your hair to avoid any tangling.

We know, this one sounds a bit daunting, especially during those cold winter months. But after a hot shower, your hair cuticles are open, which leads to frizz and tangling while drying. Rinsing your hair with cold water before you hop out of the shower will help to seal the cuticles, close them up, ensure they dry smoothly, which prevents tangling. Washing your wig is not only great for detangling but it also helps to restore your wigs vitality so it lasts even longer.

Step 2: Condition your wig

Repeat the process above with a good quality wig conditioner and you will notice the tangles loosening. I know you've all been preached to at length about the need for conditioner as a part of your daily wig care routine, but it can't be said enough. Thoroughly cleaned and conditioned hair is silky and smooth, and resists tangles, especially if your human hair wig is anywhere close to being straight. Even deep wavy, curly and hairstyles for curly hair resists tangling when conditioned properly. One of the functions of a good conditioner is to smooth down the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. A smooth cuticle layer won't grab on to the neighboring hair strands. 

And I'd say at least 7 out of 10 women I see in the course of the day don't condition their wig properly or with the right kinds of conditioner. Regardless of how often you wash your wig, you should better condition your fashion human hair wigs everyday, and not just with a rinse-through conditioner.

Step 3: Drying your wig

One of the biggest hassles of having long human hair wig, especially if it's wavy or curly is that it takes forever to dry on its own, and blow-drying is a necessary part of our daily routine. So, after you've finished the washing commission (and remembered to use your conditioner), be gentle with your human hair wig. Don't rub the towel across the hair. Instead, wrap the towel around the ends of the hair and squeeze the excess water. This gives your towel the chance to continue soaking the excess moisture from your hair. Spray on your leave-in conditioner and massage it through your hair with your fingers. You can blot up any excess (to avoid dripping) with your towel.


Step 4: Section and brush the wig


If your kinky curly human hair wig is just a little bit tangled but otherwise fighting fit, a simple but careful brushing technique may be all you need. The time consuming bit here is sectioning your curly lace wig into much smaller, manageable sections to relieve tension when brushing.

There are a number of wig combs and brushes available, often with wide-tooth bristles to give an evenly disperse pressure and prevent unnecessary strain on the wig. Before you begin brushing, check for any larger knot and try to detangle them gently with your fingertips as brushing these could strengthen the knot and make them harder to loosen.

Work your way from the bottom layers to the top sections of the long hair wig until you are left with a super-soft, beautifully brushed wig.

If your wavy wig is prone to tangling, it's probably not a good idea to let it down all day (especially in the wind) without brushing it. Brush your wig two to three times a day using a soft bristle brush.


3.Top Tips For Keeping Curly Human Hair Wigs Tangle Free

Tip 1: Use good hair products

The hair products you use rather good or bad quality can alter the hair of the wig. Using hair products that contain sulfates can strip the extensions which cause them to become weaker as the product sits. Always use a good conditioner and shampoo combo when washing wig.

Also, use products that apply moisture and provide hydration to your lace front wig as dry hair can lead to tangles and eventually matting.


Although there is a whole list of ingredients we recommend to avoid when choosing your hair products, alcohol is really the one that you want to avoid as it dries out your wig, making it more prone to tangling. Instead, go for natural, sulfate and alcohol-free products, or those specifically designed for tangled hair. 

Using the right products can help keep your wig soft and manageable.

Tip 2: Do a hair mask at least once a week 

If you're not the kind of girl who likes to spend time doing hair masks, it's time to reconsider. Doing a wig hair mask once a week, even if it's just for 30 minutes, will significantly improve the condition of your hair. Hair masks are quick, highly potent treatments that restore the hair with moisture and lost nutrients, leaving it silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangling overall. 

Tip 3: Use hot tools less

This might be quite a difficult challenge to overcome, but think about it. If you consistently blow-dry, straighten or curl your human hair wig, just imagine how much heat your hair strands are exposed to! This inevitably leads to dry, dull hair that is prone to breakage, and as we already know, dry hair is more prone to tangling. If you can't live without your hot tools, we recommend to at least use your hot tools on a low to medium temperature setting, and to always use a heat protectant before styling. 

Tip 4: Do not wear your wig while sleeping

While you sleep, remove your wig and cover it in similarly soft, silky materials to avoid accruing excessive knots and tangles.


4.Buy Lustrous Human Hair Wigs Online 

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Sincerely hope our tips above-mentioned can make your wig untangle process simple, ensuring that you can still pull off all the adorable wig styles you have planned for your good wig!




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