How to Get Glue Residue Off Your Lace Wig

Have you ever experienced hair loss after a glue installation? Or you are thinking of the best way to clean off the glue on your lace frontal without damaging your hair or frontal? Hang on, we will give you the best tips on how to achieve that.

Removing glue from your lace frontal and hair after a glue installation posses a serious concern for many women. You don’t know if the best method you are about to use will be the end of your edges or even that your costly hair extension.

For this reason, it is vital that you take all caution when removing glue from your frontal and hair. We don’t want you saying ‘Bye-bye’ to your edges Sis.

Below we will show you step by step guide on how to gently remove glue from your lace frontal to protect your edges after a glue installation.

Use Alcohol solution to melt the glue


One of the things to get right when removing your glued installation is the solution you will use in separating the adhesive from your hair. Since your frontal has been glued to your wig cap, the only thing that will melt the glue is a good alcohol-based solution.

We advise you to go for the Haz 500ml Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. It is highly effective.

The first step will be to wet a towel with the rubbing alcohol and gently rub it into your hair, this will make the glue on your frontal soluble, making it possible to lift the lace frontal off your hair. On the other hand, avoid pulling your hair along with your wig cap, this will prevent the glue from sticking unto your lace.


Gently pull your lace frontal

In the second step, after you must have rubbed the alcohol solution with your hand towel around the edges of your frontal. Gently pull the lace frontal off from the wig cap. Then proceed to take off the glue on top of your forehead. Continue with the alcohol solution and your towel until there is no trace of glue on your forehead.


Pull your cap


The third step after this will be to remove the entire wig cap from your hair. Note that you have to do this gently since the cap is right under your hair. This can take approximately 30 minutes of your time or more. So be very patient and slowly pull off your cap neatly.

Use styling strips to remove glue from your hair


Afterward, further, proceed to take off the glue in your hair after you have successfully pulled out the wig cap. To achieve this, we advise you to use the styling strips, soak it inside your alcohol solution for about 5 minutes then place it on your hair. This will dissolve any remnant of the glue on your hair.

After placing it on your hair for some minutes, subsequently, remove the styling strips, then comb out the glue residue from your hair. With this process, your edges and hair will be intact and there will be no sign of hair loss or damage on your frontal from the installation.


Apply conditioner to moisturize your hair

After you must have removed all the glue. It’s time to moisturize your hair with a conditioner. This step is very important because of the alcohol you have previously used on your hair. Note that; alcohol is very dry and the use of it on your hair will dry your hair. So remember to rub your conditioner, especially on your edges where the lace frontal once laid, to restore moisture to it.


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