How to repair bald frontals or closures?

Though you invest a good price on quality frontals, it is unavoidable that the lace wig, lace frontal or closures will thinner out after being worn for over a year or years. There just isn’t anything cute about a balding and spotty closure or frontal.  (P.S.: Our lace frontals/closures/wigs can last over 1 year with proper care.)

After investing a lot on frontals, you still heard someone else say “uh…no ma’am,” “take that off,” and “what were you thinking baby”? Absolutely NO!

I recommend using the following process on small areas about the size of a dime or smaller.

This won’t work well in areas with more significant bald spots. Grab up one of your dark eyeliner or eyebrow pencils to color the lace where the bare spots are. Use a face powder or concealer to create your part. Use a dark eyeshadow to color hair roots and blend out with the rest of your hair once you define your part.

This repair is similar to the following part repair, but this requires you to color the lace as well.

Repairing Larger Bald Spots

Another technique is to sew wefts onto your closure or frontal to cover up bald spots.

You can use some of the tracks leftovers from making your wig or completing your sew-in to replace the bare areas. For areas larger than a dime this process works well.

Fold your frontal or closure where most of the bald area is. You are going to use invisible thread to sew the frontal together at the fold. It’s crucial you knot your stitch at the beginning and end to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t loosen. Sew your tracks on just as you would if you were creating an invisible part but make sure you sew the extensions in the back of the closure or frontal facing toward the rear of the head.

Constructing it this way helps to hide the wefts. Sew your tracks alongside the part with the wefts facing the center part. Hopefully, you will have enough hair on your closure to hid the wefts. You may need to change your part location, but I think that’s okay because you get to use a closure or frontal that you would have thrown away.

In the front, sew your wefts facing toward the back of the closure or frontal and the hair hanging over the front. You should have a small part left after this step. At this point, you will use your concealer and brush to fill it in.

You need take your time with this because you want to make sure you handle the lace carefully as not to tear it.

Comparatively, learning how to care your hairs are more important than to learn a technique to repair your hair. There is a blog of it: HOW TO CARE FOR A HUMAN HAIR WIG?

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