Human hair wig is beloved by every African girls. After you installed lace front wig, it looks your own natural hair. The lace is designed to blend in with your skin tone so that it essentially disappears. 

Sogoodhair Lace front wigs come with a extra lace that extends over the forehead. This helps to pull the wig on but isn’t needed once you want to wear the wig out of the house. You need to cut or trim the extra lace on the wig before wearing. Here Sogoodhair. com brings the guide for how to properly cut lace off frontal wig, especially for wig beginners.

Cutting lace front wigs is a quick and easy way to prep your wig for installation. With just a few simple steps and a couple tools, you can customize the lace front to blend in seamlessly with your hairline. Before we get into the details of how to cut your lace front wig, we need to know something about plucking and wig customization. Plucking the baby hairs on your lace front wig creates a more natural look that mimics your hairline. 

All lace frontal wig of Sogoodhair come pre-plucked and pre-bleached, it can save your more time and looks natural. You also can place the unit on your head to see how it looks and make any additional plucks where you think it s needed. 

What tools do you need for cutting the lace on wigs?

It’s important to have some good tools when you cut the extra lace. If you have them, they will help you get the best cut possible.

- Wig stand or mannequin head: for placing the lace front wig, you can also wear the wig on your head and cut the lace
- Scissors: the most important tool, used to cut the extra lace
- Clips: secure the wigs
- Tweezers: customize your hairline
- Rattail comb: This isn’t essential, but it can help to part the hair away from your ears and face for more accurate cuts.

How to cut your lace off the wig?

1. Place the wig appropriately
Put the human hair wig on the mannequin head or wig stand, or wearing it on your head. Adjust it to correct location, so the wig hairline is just slightly in front of your natural hairline. Using adjustable straps to secure it to your head, and then secure the lace and clip the hair away from the lace with the clips.

2. Cut the part near your ear away
You should use a comb or other tool to part the hair just above your ear. Pin up the hair, leaving a small tab of the wig over the ear. Then cut the corner close to the ear off, notice do not cut your ear.
3.Draw a Cutting Line
One of the best tips for how to cut a lace front wig is to create a line as a guide. This step is not necessary, but for beginners, it will help you to cut off excess lace. Because it can prevent cutting too much off.

4. Cut the lace into sections
Start from the middle, cut your lace into two parts along a straight line with good scissors, then cut the rest into more similar small sections.

5. Cut each piece of the lace
Do not cut straight across the lace to avoid the straight hairline, you can cut the small piece easily without messing it up. Trim it with kind of going up-down motion. Just snipping away piece by piece

So Good Lace Front Wigs Start with Sogoodhair
When you choose the lace frontal wig, it’s best to start with 100% virgin human hair. High-quality human hair lasts longer, gives you style versatility, and looks totally natural.

At So good hair store, our wigs are made with the 100% virgin human hair. Sogoodhair wigs are the beginner friendly wig, all the hair knots is pre-bleached, can reach a invisible hairparting look, And do pre-plucked hairline, It is very easy to install and create a natural hairline. Sogoodhair made everything for you.

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