How Do You Creating A Part On Your Wig?

How Do You Creating A Part On Your Wig?

The wig part is very important for the whole look, it’s what gives away the secret that you are actually wearing a wig. Blend the skin tone of the wig scalp and the hairline to make the hair of the wig look like your own hair.


1.Types Of Wig Parts

2.Steps To Creating a Part On Your Illusion Wig

1). Fixing Your Wig. Pull the lace down over your forehead to hold the hairline in place and check its position from all angles to make sure it looks natural. Some wigs attached an extra

elastic band, so you may need to be adjusted so that the wig is neither too tight nor too loose.

2). Creat The Parting. Use a tail comb part the hair in your wig to your desired look, and fix it with some bob pin.

3). Apply Hair Wax Stick On The Top. Spread the hair wax stick evenly on the dividing line and hairline. This will fix hair well and make the parting line appear clearer.

4). Use the hot comb low setting to flatten. When you are using a hot comb, be careful with low heating always do not put on the hair without testing the temperature. Next, use the hot comb to make two sides of the hair flat and use hairspray to keep them in place.

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