How To Take Care Of Your Full Lace Wig

The full lace human hair wigs are the wigs have the 100% hand-tied with a cap, and a high-quality imported lace is placed on the top of the cap, the 100% virgin human hair knotted into the lace hole by hand.

Full lace wigs can give you the most natural look and allow you to create versatile hairstyles. But do you know how to care for a full lace wig? If the wig is not properly taken care of, it will not only irritate the scalp when worn but give you a fake visual sense. Then we will teach you a few tricks to take care of a full lace wig, let your wig wear fake, and always bright and looks new.

1. Washing

A wig isn’t something you can just throw in the sink, bath, or wash machine and expect it to be refreshed. After all, each type of wig requires complex techniques to achieve the best results, especially for expensive full lace wigs. There are numerous steps you should take before soaking the hair.

As we all know, full lace wigs human hair will demand rather gentle maintenance since the hair strands are knotted through the delicate lace. Therefore, the hair can be readily pulled out, broken, or even un-knotted.

When you’re planning to remove a lace wig from your head, please use solvents that are specifically designed to break down the glue and assure safe removal. The wig glue remover usually is liquid-based so you just put it on the towel and rub it against the lace in circular motions to remove the glue. After removing from the wig glue, take a wide-toothed to brush out the full lace wig from the bottom up and then drench it in water before adding shampoo.

When washing, always use warm water to get the dirt and dust off of all wigs. Use cold water at the end to close the cuticles. All human hair wigs can be air-dried, ventilated, blow-dried, or hood-dried at your discretion.

When washing blonde full lace wigs, always use warm water to get the dirt and dust off of all wigs. In the end, it would be better to use cold water to close the cuticles. If possible, please use some shampoo and conditioner that are designed especially for human hair wig or sulfate-free, thus damaging full lace wigs.

Of course, avoid using care products with high Alcohol content i.e Spritz, Hair Spray, Shampoos, etc. These products can damage the human hair causing breakage, or shedding.

Use a towel to gently dry the hair, and let it dry naturally after you’ve gotten most of the water out. Don't rub the hair strands against one another or pat dry the hair to prevent any hair breakage from happening.

In addition, the wig should not be washed frequently. You can usually wash it according to the number of times you wear it. Also, make sure that the natural hair underneath the wig is always clean to avoid damaging the scalp, hair, and full lace wigs.

2. Brushing

After cleaning the wig, please don't brush the wig with a normal plastic comb, and buy a comb that specializes in wigs for combing the wig, such as a detangling brush, or a wig brush. That is because the bristles on the detangling brush aren’t as long or strong as they are on a paddle or a wig brush, it doesn’t fight the hair. It’s a lot more gentle and it can get through the hair better and don't put a lot of pressure on the human hair wig.


Except for these points, you need to be extra cautious when combing out the hair on the wig, even though the hair is pretty secure in the lace base, it’s still important to be cautious. In order to prevent any hair from getting loose or shedding, you had better start brushing the hair from the ends to the top, without getting too close to the lace base. If you don’t have a detangling brush or a wig brush, you can also use your fingers to comb. Never comb your lace wig while wet.

To let the hair look smooth, it is suggested to spray some conditioner on the hair after combing.

3. Storing

When you back home, take off the wig and don't want to continue wearing it, please take the wig down, don’t fold it, don’t casually throw it side by side. Keep in mind that if you are planning not to wear the wig for a long time, comb it thoroughly to ensure there is no tangling before you hang it up. By doing this, the wig will not be as messy and rough as the next time you wear it.

Besides, it is a great idea to store it in a silk bag. If you don’t have a silk bag, use a plastic bag to store a full lace wig, which can keep the moisture of the wig and avoid dust as well. And you don’t put it inside a cotton bag that will draw the moisture out. After all, cotton draws moisture.

In all honesty, it is best that everyone sleep on silk and satin pillowcases, and wrap their wigs in silk or satin. In this case, no matter how long the hair is inside of it, the hair will be able to maintain some of its moisture and won’t easily become dry.

4. Sleeping

We sincerely suggest you sleep with your full lace wig as little as possible. When sleeping in your unit it is best to braid up your hair so it does not tangle while you sleep. You should gently comb your wig out each night prior to wrapping it up in the scarf.

Also, it is very important that you wrap a silk or satin scarf or bonnet around your head, this will help to prevent friction which will cause breakage or shedding.

We hope these tips have helped you understand how to care for your full lace wig. If you take care of it properly, it will last you a long time.


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