My Sogoodhair’s Journey - Badass Brownskin

Looks like real scalp doesn’t it? Sogoodhair is SO GOOD!! I don’t like closure before, But Sogoodhair wig changes me, Now I am a loyal fan for 4 inches x4 inches closure wig!!!


You know the closure wig can be no glue wig, And it is very secure and easy to slay everyday wig. The wig of Sogoodhair has a removable elastic band and combs sew-in, fit all size, and secure. And this wig is a no more work needed a wig, all the hair knots is pre-bleached, can reach an invisible hair parting look, And do lightly pre-plucked hairline, It is very easy to install and create a natural hairline.


Today’s blog is a tutorial video from our diva Badass Brownskin, let’s see what she introduced the closure wig in the video.

“Hey guys, in this video, I am working with Sogoodhair. Now, they send me a kinky straight 4x4 closure wig, it is 14inches. And the wig already came with pre-bleached, pre-plucked, and pretty much customized. It has the strap in the black as well she also gave me a whole bunch of goods with my wig. Sogoodhair is one of the companies I work with. I love the quality with the hair, this hair is so soft and silky. Out of the packaging, it is thick, it's full, true to the length. Here is the wig hair on the back of the box. And they gave me a cute bonnet, I was rocking this in the IG story. This is the wig that I was wearing every day in the IG story, and I got many compliments on this hair. It looks so good. That is me wearing on the cap. Girl, this bonnet is so good. The elastic around it is good to keep your hair tied up all night. She gave me some eyelashes and the extra strap, a hair tie, a brush for your edges, and eyebrows. The cap she gave me whole plucked of goods, like so real, bomb! Now, this is the wig like I said she bleached the knots, it is also pre-plucked, it is the super bomb, I didn't have to do anything to it. All you gotta do is customize this baby hair and cut the lace, stick it down. down. So I am gonna do ahead and show y'all my quick process, as you can see this video is a little shorter than my usual. Because it was so easy to put on this wig.

Now you can see if you want to do guileless without any product no Got2B glue, you can do that, all you got to do is cut the lace and put the strap in the back on the super tight period, that's all you got to do because it is bleached and it is already plucked. Nobody would be able to see nothing if you lifted up the lace, but you know, I want to stick my wig down, because I wanna go on vacation, so I wanted to stay down doing like sweats and the sleep and all of that. You know, what I am saying I am gonna have to stick it down, some got to be really simple. Real simple, don't make your wig process harder than it is now, I don't work with a lot of wigs. So the process of me applying wigs I have found different ways to make it easier and easier. So I am gonna share that with you.

As you see, the hairline is plucked. If you wanted to just throw it back opponent so you can do that. Like girl just looks so good, I have to do nothing usually when you get a wig you got to go in and pluck it you know what i am saying, you got a wig with bleaching knots, and make it look invisible all. All the extra stuff you know what I am saying. And I just have a short question around it because I don't have patience I tell y'all all the time in the area. So I found the way to make my wigs get on quick and they stay down. My wig stayed on the whole trip and even if if you sweat a little bit girl don't touch it let the product sit there. It is gonna cool right black down. And then, when you going with your got to be if you feeling like your lip wigs, go off spritz the top girl, you are good to go for real this is the type of wig you could just wear on the go because feel free you don't even get to use no got to be because it's a clip in the back.

So I am just throwing this in a ponytail in the back because I want to no hair det my weight when I am going to be securing this wig when you adding got to be you adding glue all of that. I hate getting my hair or the edges and stuff like that in a way because it gets really sticky, it holds the product and it is just getting away you know what I am saying like for real, make sure your forehead cleans, so you will have no product. Leftover product on your forehead when you are sticking it down because that will show through the lace underneath the lace  and it just won't look as natural. It will just look kind of cloudy and it will make your lace dirty faster, so if you do accidentally get too many products on your lace, go in with the toothbrush and alcohol and secure the lace from the top, it will go right back to normal. And then, listen to me, I know, what I am talking about. So I am going in with got to be the invisible gel, I put a little slick line of that, and then I went in with Got2B freeze spray and I did a split line of that. Now I am blow drying it until it is tacky and then we are going to just ass the lace on top of that. Just like that stick it down where you wanted it if your fingers got a product or something on it go ahead and grab a toothbrush the end of it.

You can use with some things the tweezers the black of that you can use the end of the rat tail comb something clean to stick down the lace you don't want to use fingers with products on it or makeup on that nothing like that because it is going to show on the lace even if it is a little bit so do what you got to do even if you gotta go to the bathroom wash your hands because you got too much got to be on your nails or whatever go do that because it is going to be the difference in your lace. Now, you see it is getting tacky, it is about to dry down, I am gonna go-ahead to cut the lace so that when the lace dries. I am gonna stick it in place and i don't have to go in and cut the lace afterward. I found out that if you cut the lace before it dry and you stick it down, you don't get to worry about it so that's i am doing here. So now that we cut the lace we are going to go in with Got2B on the top to seal it in and we are just going to let that dry and it is going to melt the hair and to pry into place, we are going to let that dry with the blow dryer, it's the same press process as melting the lace down.

After you are done, so look the lace little piece right here whatever dry, we are gonna do some edges, I am talking about them on the baby hairs, i said to do a little slick and I will be on the go it looks good because that's how i do my regular hair. If you do that type of bitch you do your edges. This wig, the kind of gives the vibes as, like African American hair texture thick kinky curly, you know what I am saying so with this I feel like it really kind of replicated, how I will do my hair and all I did was do the swoops in the same plot. In the same spots, I would do it as if I was doing a ponytail or you know a regular shake and go with my hair, because I am gonna be doing all the extra stuff more than likely. I'm gonna sweat my edges out that's how I'd be feeling when you want to do like a really nice style. And then I go in with mousse and I mix the mousse with Got2B free spray and it gives it like the flexibility for you to move it. It also leaves it soft but it is still staying in place because of the free spray. After putting down your lace and then you go in and do your edges with the mousses and Got2B slay your edges. All the mousse and got2B is soaking from the top.

So it is going to be like soaking through that lace as you laying through your edges so it is going to help melt the hair and lace back down. And slay your edges, it is going to dry just like that. So it is going to look like you melted your whole head with the edges done and everything. And you must make your lace clean so if you Got2B bitch and go ahead dip your toothbrushes alcohol and clean the top of your lace and then do it.


This is my little quick melting process on this wig, this is a closure wig. This wig makes me fall in love with the closure wig, it really was a bomb.”


Sogoodhair, we have been in the pursuit of offer quality hair at affordable prices for customers. Maybe you can notice our price is lowest than most of the hair brand companies. We are a new brand, we really want to get more and more customer satisfaction. So if you want a natural and realistic look, the fake scalp lace wig is your best choice. come to us:

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