Should I Wash My Wig Before Wearing It?

If you are a newbie to wearing wigs, something that’s bound to cross your mind is whether to wash your newly purchased wig or not.    
Whether you must wash your human wig or not is a matter of personal choice. It also depends on specific circumstances. Most of the human hair wigs are comes freshly washed and styled, don't need to wash. but you can, of course, wash it if you prefer. 
Human hair wigs are so versatile and can be styled in any way that you like. You can even use the same products that you use on your own hair to style your new wig. You can go for full lace human hair wigs or any other depending upon your preference.
Combing your human hair wig right after you wash it is something you mustn’t do. You should rather wait for the hair to be dry before combing it. Also, the special wide brush must be used for the purpose instead of a plastic comb. Combing the ends first and then the hair top would prevent your hair from shedding. If you have styled your human hair wig in curls, it’s advisable to use hand to settle it. Using a comb on a frequent basis is not recommended in such a case. If you have a long human hair wig, gently comb ends and then the top without losing patience. If you have been using your hair wig since long and face tangling issues now, use some wig-specific non-oily conditioner and then comb using a wide-toothed comb or hands carefully. The key is to take your time and not rush things.
If you are someone who likes to be presentable, you know that caring for your natural hair does take efforts. It requires adequate shampooing, conditioning, brushing, styling, cutting, and shaping, etc. The same thing applies to your wig as well. While you can skip the cutting part, cleaning and maintenance are still required to keep your human hair wig new-like. 
Although it’s a matter of personal choice whether to wash the wig or not, here are a few recommendations if you want your wig to last longer- keep in mind that the more you wash the hair the quicker the wig will wear out. 
·         When you use your human hair wig on a frequent basis.
·         If your human hair wig feels dry, sticky or seems to have lost its style.
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