The Most Effortless Wig with Pre-bleached & Pre-plucked & Elastic Band

The Most Effortless Wig with Pre-bleached & Pre-plucked & Elastic Band


Why would you buy a Pre-plucked wig?


A wig normally looks like, well…. a wig. You put it on your head and it stays on with a small separation where the wig ends and your forehead starts. If you want to go for that all-natural look and you want your wig to replace your own hairline, you don’t want to see a cut in between your head and the wig. For that smooth transition, that thin hairline, and cute baby hair plucking your wig is great.

Buying a pre-plucked wig takes away the cons of plucking your own wig and you may be sure that the wig will not be plucked too much. Sogoodhair uses a method that uses a special hand-tied approach, which helps the natural look and helps with never seeing the harsh line between your hairline and the back of the wig.


Why would you buy a Pre-bleached wig?

All hand-tied lace front wigs are made meticulously by tying individual strands of hair onto a lace mesh base creating a knot at the base. This technique is called ventilating.

When darker hair is used these knots appear as small dots on the lace base that are noticeable in appearance. Lighter hair colored lace wigs or blonde lace wigs do not need bleached knots because the knots are already light in color.


Bleaching knots on lace wigs can be an effective way to improve the appearance of the hairline. For some, bleaching knots is not exactly a delightful task. It can be a gamble especially if you are inexperienced. But the bottom line is, bleached knots are a must. Unless you don't mind those black dots on your forehead. With a wig, such as Brazilian body wave lace wig comes with bleached knots which gives your wig a more realistic look. Our human hair wigs come in long, medium-long, or short options. The length selection is completely up to you and the style you are going for. In our website, you can choose any products and then tell the customer service, you can easily get a perfect Pre-bleached wig.


What’s the best elastic band for wigs?


An elastic band is a critical part of a wig because it is designed to allow your wig cap to sit snugly over your head but also ensure it remains in place regardless of whatever situation you come across. You definitely do not want your wig flying off your head at the slightest nudge.


Have you ever been infuriated that your wig doesn’t fit right and you cannot fix the elastic band immediately? Well, worry no more. The adjustable elastic band is a 1.5-inch wide band that is easily attached to all types of Sogoodhair wigs for a secure fit. If you have always wanted a wig that you could adjust or remove the elastic band, the Sogoodhair wig is for you.


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