What is 360 lace frontal wig?

360 lace frontal wig basically is a 360 lace frontal with hair bundles attached that creates a wig. The frontal goes compeletly around because its goes from ear all the way past the ear and back. It’s compelte 360 circel. 360 lace frontal wig give you lots of versatility. You can pull it up into a ponytail in the back. You can adhere it down with glue. The front is in the back, so it really looks like a full lace wig. It comes with 4 combs well, 2 combs on the sides, one comb in the front and the other one is in the back. In the back it has the adjustable straps.

How to install a 360 lace front wig?

Step 1. spray the make up powder on the lace

Althought the Sogoodhair lace wig has the bleached knot, but I like to use is the SallyHansen airbrush leg spray let the lace can match with my skin well.

Step 2.Styling your hair on Mannequin head(Take the ponytail hairstyle for example)

Then turn the wig over and T pins let the wig fix on the Mannequin head.use the wide-tooth comb and gather the hair to mold it into a ponytail. Then use the wide-tooth comb and smooth the hair out and begin to mold it into this form that you want for your pony tail now you're positioning whether you decide to do it in the middle if you want to do a low ponytail. That will up to you. Today i am going to do one at the center of my head like right at the crown. Then add the mousse it will help us in sculpting and molding the hair and ensuring that everything is laid nice and smooth . it also can give us shine as no one doesn’t love the shine hair. Next use the ponytail holder and the ponytail just doubled up on that goody band. Then wrap it around as tight as possible and now we have the ponytail holder on.

Step 3. Cut the lace

After you finsihed the pontail, we can see all the lace clearly. So that you can cut the lace off as close as possible.

Step 4. Installed the wig

After you finished the ponytail and cut the lace off. Next is apply this wig one. First insert the comb in back. Second add the adhesive one side at a time and blow dry it on the cool setting. Then press into the lace with the back of a rat tail comb. Use the tail comb take out the baby hair. Then apply the adhesive on the center and other side. Before let the center down you can pull left side to fix it. You can add more adhesive if it needed. Cut the extra lace around the ear then add the foundation to the hairline. Use an elastic band around the hairline to allow it to set. Now it’s a good time to refine the ponytail.


In this way you will get very natural look pontail with 360 lace frontal wig. Hope that you get all the tips and tricks I trached you in this article.

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