Why Machined Made Wigs are so popular?

Human Hair Machine-Made Wigs cost less than hand-tied lace wigs. Since they are mass-produced, you can easily find them in the market. Though manufacturers use machines, human hair machine-made wigs can also provide a natural look. Natural-looking baby hair on the front gives a seamless-undetectable appearance.

Pros of Machine Made Wigs
Price: Machine-made wigs are much cheaper than Hand-Tied Wigs because they are mass-produced in a short duration.

Availability: Most of the wigs, synthetic, Remy, or non-Remy, are Machine-Made Wigs. Due to the ease of production, you can find machine-made wigs in every Hair Salon.

Natural Look: They also achieve a natural look, especially those made from natural human hair. They come in natural colors and textures to achieve a fabulous and seamless look.

Sogoodhair offer 4 kinds of machined made wig. All of these wigs can be wear without any glue and create natural hairline look. Easy install in 1 minutes.

Timesaver & Protective Machined made wig are so popular now. 


1. U part Wig & V part Wig 

U Part Wig with 4 clips and 1 Adjustable Strap, blend perfectly with your natural hair.Soft, Healthy and Comfortable. Full and Natural Look, Can be Restyled and dyed, Can Make Ponytail.

V Part 0 Skill Needed Wig Without Leave out, No Lace, No Gel, No Leave Out, No Sew-in, allow you to wear your own real scalp in your parting area. More Natural, Easier To Install.

2. Headband Wig

Headband wig is a type of non-lace wigs, without lace part in the front, there is an elastic cloth attached to the rest half of the wig. Sogoodhair offers many options at the store, the matched headscarves could be changeable and used to put rightly over the cloth. This design perfectly combines wigs with head accessories, which not only adds something point for the wig, but also keep off the application process for a common lace wigs.

3. Machined Made Ready to Wear Wig

Also named "Throw on & Go Wig"!!! The best protective & Timesaver wig. 100% Virgin Human Hair Full Machine Made Wig, Pre-Styles, No Glue, No Lace, Ready to Wear Style.

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