Sogoodhair Hairstylist Affiliate Program

  • What is the Sogoodhair Hairstylist Affiliate Program?

Sogoodhair have more than 14 years experience of hair wholesale business, In 2019 we start our online business. With the business expansion, More and more customers ask us to offer install, restyle, or hair care service, So we want to find some hairstylist can help us do this. 
 Our goal is offer more diverse hairstyles with best quality hair and affordable price to our customers, cater towards all the wants and needs. Currently, we are seeking experienced, professional hairstylists who would like to partner with us to design wigs for our customers.
  • How does it work?

1. Please offer your barber's license, your legal name, address, number and introduction of your business.
2. We will recommend your store on our online store. 
3. In return, you should recommend our brand to your customers
4. We offer exclusive coupon code for you. If clients place order with your coupon code, you can receive 8% commission from sales each month
5. Once the sale over $6000/month, We can create your own personalized page on our website. Start by sending your page link to your clients so they can start shopping.
6. We'd like to provide you with a wig to do a trial design once we start the personalized page.
  • What is the benefit of participating in the hairstylist affiliate program?

1. Do not need to spend a single penny for advertising and new clients.
2. You will receive a 8% for each sale of your sale each month.
3. Once you become one of Hairstylists, We will promote your work on Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube.
  • Why Sogoodhair?

Our company has been in 100% human hair products industry for 14 years.
We only offer 100% human hair, quality guarantee, could be re-dyed and re-style. 
We are Top 3 hair manufacturer in China, and we supply many wigs brand now, We offer directly factory price. 
In the first year of Sogoodhair, Over 7000 happy customers, your clients will love wearing Sogoodhair wigs.
Hairsylist Affiliate Program is new, But we believe this will be a win-win cooperation, And both of us can get more and more happy clients. We are looking forward to creates excellent hairstylist team
  • FAQ

Q: Is there a cost to be a Sogoodhair Stylist and to sell Sogoodhair products?
A: Nope. Becoming a Sogoodhair stylist is 100% free. There are no out-of-pocket costs to join.

Q: Can you guarantee the quality of your products?
A: Yes! We only offer 100% human hair products, base on virgin hair. If there are any question, we will try our best to solve the question.

Q: How can I get a free wig?
A: Once we start create your own personalized page on our website your can get free wig at same time. 

Q: Do I need to send the wig back if I get a free wig?
A: No! You can keep and enjoy it.

Q: How and when do I get paid?
A: Once you’ve made a sale, you will be paid 8% commission via your paypal before 15th of every month.

Q: What kind of hair do you sell?
A: Our hair is 100% Indian Remy hair.

Q: How do I ensure my wigs sell?
A: The success of the affiliate program is largely based on how dedicated the stylist is and how head turning their designs are. Below are three tips to maximize sales:
  • Stay updated! Stay on top of trend setting designs, we find stylists that have trendy designs generally have high monthly sales
  • Stay engaged! Good quality video and photos generally get more attention and will generally generate more views. Stay engaged on Instagram. We are also more likely to feature your video or photo on our page if it is of high quality.
  • Stay Unique! Periodically check the stylist page and try to make your designs different than what we already offer. We understand that stylists are influenced by other stylists, and it is inevitable that some designs will be the same or similar; however, if you already see a curly bob on our site, try to do a curly ombre bob to set your design a part.

Q: How does the tracking system work?
A: We have our own tracking system. We will offer list to you at beginning of the month.