We all know the magic of wigs and hair bundles, they offer people who are troubled by hair loss and hair thinning more choices to change their hairstyles and looks. And one of the approved styles by stylists and fashion enthusiasts is body wave hair. You can literally see the body wave hair everywhere, on celebrities' posts on social media, some showings from models, and hairstylists on their social platforms.

What Is Body Wave Hair?

As the name tells, the hair has a loose "S" shape like one's curve body, and a soft and is defined by very loose curly hair. The hair is known for its easy styling required but versatile enough for people to create numerous looks. So it's perfect for people to change their daily look without spending too much time and energy. And the body wave hair that is made of human hair is considered the best type to create various styles and even change the original hair colors. But synthetic hair extensions also will suffice if you are not up for a more natural and diverse look.

How To Slay A Body Wave Hair?

A Good quality Body Wave Hair

The basic is fundamental. In this issue, the quality of body wave hair bundles and wigs matters the most. A cheap and trashy hair bundle and wigs can save your coins at first, but it will bring you a lot more troubles on everything, like frizz, thinning, and sometimes these low-quality hair lose their wave so fast before you are aware of it. So if you want a good experience with body wave hair, you need to keep your eyes wide open on finding a good hair store.


Install The Body Wave Hair With Right Method

There are many types of hair bundles and wigs. If you prefer some temporary style for some special occasions, body wave hair bundles are a great choice. A sew in weaves is a more permanent way to get a body wave style, but it needs more work to do. And most of the time you need an expert to help you install the wigs and weaves, which means more cost. But it has a more natural look and a safer protective style.

Choose A Perfect Color To Perfect Your Look

Natural black no doubt is a favorite of many wigs and weaves wearers. But the highlight honey brown body wave lace wig now is on the list of the most popular hair colors, the color matches well with the wavy curls. And there is some brighter color such as 613 hair color is also a hot sale.


How To Keep Body Wave Hair Wavy?

Wash Your Body Wave Hair Properly

Having a regular washing day is essential to the health of your fake and natural hair, and also it affects the style of your body wave hair. Washing the hair frequently is not always a good thing, the shampoo will wash away the dirt, which is great, but it also can cause dryness of your hair and scalp if you use a sulfate shampoo. For sew in hair, you can wash your hair every 10-14 days.

Give Your Body Wave Hair A Care Routine

After washing the hair, you need to use a conditioner to keep the hair watery and stay in its original style. And the body wave hair needs to be dried completely especially in this summertime, or it will get mold and sometimes lose the wavy style.

Avoid Over Using The Heat Tools

Styling your hair can be fun but also harmful for your bundles and wigs, it will shorten the lifespan of human hair products.

The Right Way To Store The Wig

You can store the wigs by using a wig head, silk scarf, or original wig box designed to keep the wig. For more information, you can check out our blog: HOW TO CARE FOR A HUMAN HAIR WIG?


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