Hair Length Chart

The way you get a perfect looking hair is in choosing the right texture, style and most importantly the length.
I know what most people say especially when buying the hair extension over the counter. I just need short, medium or long hair.


There’s more to the specifics of the length though. So, for you to make an ideal purchase when describing this length to the stylist you need to be exact. This is what this article is about.
Aside from that, when you are choosing the hair length, have the body structure and your height into consideration. With these factors, you will know how long/short the hair is going to look on you.
Notice that, for wavy and curly hair, the length is usually measured while still straight. So, if you are looking for say 16 inches long, you should buy 18 inches long hair.
Let’s summarize the length charts first so that you will know what you want before you make any decision to buy the hair.
Weave hair length chart

Wavy length charts
We all have different heights which means that the lengths will further vary too.

What Is Considered Long Hair?
I believe that this length is the kind that not many people know about.
For easy description, you have long hair when you have hair that reaches your armpit and beyond. While long hair is beautiful, not many people can manage it.
For those who know how to manage the hair, you can enjoy the benefit of having long hair. You will be amongst the few trending girls.
> Collarbone length

If you have the hair going to the collarbone, that is still long hair. In this case, this hair is just falling on the collarbone. This is a great length because you can have different styles you wish to try. You can have the great layers on the hair as well.
> Armpit length

The armpit length of hair is just what we call medium long. When you have hair that is mid-back long then that is now called very long hair.
> Bra strap length
With this length, you have the hair reaching on the strap. The bra strap length should be slightly below the armpit length. Whether you are using the hair extension or your natural hair, taking care of this hair isn’t easy.
> Waist length
You could also have a hair extension that reaches your waist length. With such hair, you will have people turning heads. But the amount of care you must give the hair is incredible much.
> Even longer hair

You can have both natural and hair extension being longer than that. You can have the butt length hair and even longer hair. Often such hair is straight hair. You can also have hip length hair and tailbone hair.
Although you have such hair, this length is rare.
Notice that there will be a difference in the hair length based on your height. For some people, the hair that would be for your butt length is mid back length.


What Do You Consider Medium Length?
This is hair that falls between the collarbone and just the top of the shoulders. In the past, this was another length that people passed just to grow their hair to even greater lengths.
Today we see celebrities buying hair extensions that come to this length. They also make a cut for the same length.
The best part with this hair is that it looks sexy. But it also allows you to style it in different methods.
You can even make the high updos.
Neck length
This is the most popular as it flatters most faces. It’s also most women natural hair length. It has a cutting line between your chin and the shoulder. Most people use it to wear a bob style.
It looks good when you are wearing the straight hair though.
Shoulder length
If you want to have a little bit long hair then you should buy this hair. I like that this style allows you to even tie it to a ponytail. In fact, there’s no updo style you can’t do with this style. More so you can even wear the style down.
The Short Lengths
Now from the name, this is simply the short hair. It suits women who are in their mid-ages and older women as well. For most women who want or go to get short hair, getting it right is never easy.
Ear lengths
Ear lengths Let’s just say that this is one of the shortest lengths of hair you can ever have. It simply reaches your ears. It can go to the length of the ear lobe or just the top of your ears. Before you buy such extensions, you need to be sure that it will look good on you though.
Chin length
This is a classic look that looks stylish. I like this because I can wear different bob styles.
Long or medium hair-which is best?
Diversity is amazing. Different women like to wear different lengths of hair. They all look the best. There’s no hair length that is best for everyone. We have long or medium or short hair suiting different people.
For so long, women have believed that you only look sassy when you have long hair. Maybe we should say we were led to believe so. But today, we know that you can look the best in any style of your choosing.
There are many styles you can try with both lengths so I won’t try to convince you to wear any style. Remember, your face shape and the color you choose comes into play when you choose a style.
What’s the shoulder-length hair in inches?
The hair is usually 12 inches long when you have shoulder length. But it might vary depending on your height.
How to Measure the Length
The way you measure your hair extensions depends on kind of extension you have. If you are using the curly hair, you won’t measure it the same way you would with straight hair.
How to Measure the Lengths of Sogoodhair, if you want to get the accurate measurement, it’s best to do it before you attach the hair on the head.
Lay out the hair on the table or on a wig stand. Keep it as straight as it can.
Take the tape measure to measure the hair.









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