How i install my closure wig!| Most natural closure ever

How i install my closure wig!| most natural closure ever

Do you still remember what your first closure wig look like?And how do you install it? Do you have trouble in wearing a wig for the first time?

Firstly, lets talk about what closure wig is?

A closure is not a wig but an attachment used to close a weave without the use of the natural hair. This is usually sewn in along with weaving or making a custom wig by hand. lace closures and lace frontal closures are the main styles which belong to closures.

Secondly, What are the benefits of wearing closure wigs?

1、They are easy-to-install, easy to care, Beginner friendly.

2、They are both extremely durable and breathable.

3、They are becoming increasingly affordable.

Thirdly, How to Install A Closure wig?

  1. Evenly spread glue across hairline where you intend the Lace Frontal to sit.
  2. Wait 2-3 minutes for the glue to dry a little.
  3. Place the lace frontal along the hairline, where you want it to sit.
  4. Press downwards to ensure it's secure.
  5. Cut alongside the netting to create a natural appearance.
  6. Now, stitch the back of the lace frontal closure, where there is a lining to the cornrows on your head.
  7. Once secure, weave in the rest of your hair extensions behind the closure.

     8.use the closure to cover the hair extensions for a natural appearance.

They are also available in a wide array of shades, styles, and qualities that would fit with any hairstyle requirements a user might need.

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