How to choose an affordable and quality everyday wig for summer ?

How to choose an affordable and quality everyday wig for summer?

Is it too hot to wear a wig in the summer?



Wearing lace wigs can be uncomfortable, particularly if you’re new to wearing them.

Add heat and humidity on top of that, and wearing a wig feel especially cumbersome.

That’s why we put together a list of commonly asked questions about wearing wigs during the summer.

This year, we want you to stay cool, comfortable, and beautiful - even when you’re in the middle of a heatwave.

 Which wig styles are the best to wear in the summer?

Pixie haircut, Bob haircut, oh my!


There’s a reason why we choose shorter haircuts is that Longer styles are heavier and collect lots of sweat and excess oils, weighing down your wig. Shorter styles have less hair and therefore collect less liquid.

Less liquid = lighter wigs = cooler scalps

If you’re 100% set on wearing a long hair wig this summer, try braiding your hair.


Ponytails typically don’t look great on wigs because they pull the wig hair in the opposite direction that it’s sewn into the cap.


Picking a lighter color can also help you beat the heat.


Dark colors attract sunlight and can cause you to overheat quickly. Try a new, light color this summer to keep your scalp temperature down.

If you’ve ever wanted to try going blonde, now’s the time!


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