How to Dye a Lace Wig Without Staining the Lace

Finding the perfect hair topper or wig that matches your own hair color online can be pretty difficult at times. There are always subtle color differences on different devices and monitor screens, which makes finding your exact shade challenging. A solution to this problem that many women choose to do, is to dye their hair product to match their own hair color.

However, dyeing your hairpiece can come with a few questions:

1. Can a hair topper be dyed to any color you want?

Well, at Sogoodhair, we don't recommend that you bleach the hair or make it any lighter, as this can damage the hair too much. But all our human hair products can be dyed to any darker shade that you like.

2. How do you dye the hair without staining the base?

Here are some things you may need for dying the hair so that you don't stain the base with dye:

1. A toothbrush
2. Vaseline
3. A mannequin head
4. Gloves
5. Hair dye


1. Firstly, turn your hair product inside out and then place it on the mannequin head. Pin it onto the head to make sure that it won't fall off.

2. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the front lace or mono area which you want to prevent from staining.

3. Dip the toothbrush into the hair dye and then very carefully brush the toothbrush onto the roots, going section by section to apply the dye. A toothbrush is a good tool for applying the dye as it gives a natural gradient effect of hair color.

4. After you have let the dye sit on the hair for as long as it says on the hair dye instructions, rinse the hair carefully with lukewarm water. Afterward, blow dry or let the hair airdry.

Please keep in mind that this tutorial will only help you to minimize base staining and that slight base staining may still occur even with the methods used in this tutorial.

If you are worried about staining the base and don't want to dye your hairpiece, we highly recommend that you purchase a Sogoodhair in the color you would like or that you purchase a Sogoodhair custom order.

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