How To Hide The Hair Knots Without Bleaching On A Wig

As we all know, in order to make a wig look natural, many customers like to bleach knots. But actually not all lace wigs can be bleached knots, like 1# and 1b# color wigs because they are too dark. And also if you are new to bleaching the knots on a lace wig, you may stripe the hair, untangle the knots from the lace in the tedious bleaching process.

Are you wondering how to make your lace wigs or lace frontals match your natural scalp and hide grids and knots in lace without having to bleach the knots?  Today we are going to be giving you some really quick and easy alternatives to bleaching those pesky black knots on your lace closure, frontal, or wig, which will give you a natural appearance that looks more like your real scalp.

Method One: Grid Eraser

It is basically a two-in-one product that can help hide and camouflage the grids and knots on lace wigs perfectly, thus making your lace wig or lace frontal last a bit longer.

What You Will Need:

A lace front wig;

A grid eraser;

A foam or mannequin head;

some pins;

Hot water;

A blow dryer;


A towel;

How To Use Grid Eraser Properly

Step 1: First of all, you can choose a grid eraser that matches your skin shade, or add your own makeup to finish off with a perfect match if the color is too dark or light. Of course, you can also blend two shades to match your skin tone.

Step 2: Flip your lace front wig upside down on a foam or mannequin head and secure the wig firmly to the foam/mannequin head with pins. Don’t forget to avoid the lace front wig human hair being loose as the concealer will seep into the hair when melted.

Step 3: Place the eraser into hot water for two and a half to three minutes to gain a soft but not runny consistency. Or you can also blow dry it to warm it up. But do not over warm the product because it will become too soft, thus making it difficult to apply.

Step 4: Apply the soften eraser to the area of your chosen area, like the parting and hairline, then gently press and apply until you reach your desired coverage. Remember if the eraser becomes dry during your application, just reheat it with a blow dryer.

Step 5: Carefully remove pins and your lace wig from foam/mannequin, and then put on your human hair wig as usual. Then continue to rub the soft eraser to the parting area until it achieves the ideal effect.

Step 6: Rub some oil into a towel and use the towel to eliminate any eraser that may be on the hair for a flawless finish to your wig styling. Notice: You have to be careful not to overheat it and keep it topside up otherwise it will leak every and leave a mess.

How To Remove The Grid Eraser

Apply some shampoo to the area you wish to remove the grid eraser from, run under warm water for a few minutes until you see the concealer lifting, keep running water until all the grid eraser melts away condition and style as usual.

Method Two: Stick Foundation/ Makeup Foundation /Conceal

Compared to a grid eraser, it is cheaper, non-messy. And it doesn’t have to heat it up and even not drip everywhere to achieves the same look.

What You Will Need:

Lace closure, frontal, or full lace wig;

A foam or mannequin head;

Some pins;

Foundation stick / makeup foundation /conceal;

Spray Or Hairspray;

A makeup brush;

How To Use Foundation Stick

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is expose the lace. Firstly, turn the wig inside out and place the HD lace wig on your foam or mannequin head, and lay it flat and smooth all the hair back and out of the way.

Step 2: Use some pins to pin them down securely in the center of the head and on each side at the ear.

Step 3: Take out your foundation stick or powder foundation to your dense makeup brush, and then rub it on the lace starting at the perimeter going backward. Pay attention to rub it in an up and down ‘stamping’ motion and make sure you really press down as you apply it on the lace so that the foundation goes through the lace to the other side and covers those knots. It would be better to use your own foundation stick or personal powder foundation, which can make you cover up those nasty knots and grids flawless.

Step 4: Next spray the hair spray directly onto the lace and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then go back and apply more foundation until you get the level of coverage that you like. Or you also can set it with a little deep setting powder after applying the foundation stick and then on the scalp where you blended it in.

Step 5: Pull these pins out, turn your lace closure, frontal, or full lace wig again, and then use a damp towel to wipe off any excess powder or foundation.

Method Three: Scar Or Silicone Sheets

It is a way to achieve a more realistic look and hide the knots, grids, or holes on your lace closure, lace wig, or lace frontal quite well.

What You Will Need:

A comb;

Some pins;


Some Silicone scar sheets;

A foam or mannequin head;

Foundation or concealer that matches skin well;

A makeup brush;

Lace closure, lace wig, or lace frontal;

How To Use Scar Or Silicone Sheets

Step 1: Flip your wig upside down on a foam or mannequin head and secure the wig firmly to the foam/mannequin head with pins.

Step 2: Grab the scar or silicone sheets and peel, then directly stick the sheet down onto the lace about 2-3 millimeters back from the edge where the baby hair meets the excess lace. After you will cut off the extra lace in order to properly blend your hairline later.

Step 3: Remove the pins and turn your lace closure, frontal, or full lace wig again. Then You can use a comb to tidy the parting up.

Step 4: Dab the foundation or concealer along the parting area from the back to the front until you are satisfied with the effect.

It’s okay not to bleach the hair if you don’t want to. However, if you want your hair to look like it’s growing naturally from your scalp, bleaching knots is a method you can try. Sogoodhair also offers bleached knots wigs to help you with your purchase, since bleaching knots can be a complicated process for beginners.

I hope you find this method useful. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below sassy ladies.



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