How to Minimize Lace Wig Shedding

Most women would agree that they buy lace wigs so that they can look and feel better about themselves. Whether you buy yaki lace wigs, hair extensions, or Remy lace wigs, you can count on one thing: you’ll definitely turn heads when you walk into a room.

Because many of these wigs are made from 100% human hair, and they are hand-tied to the hair, they are extremely fragile. Shedding is normal and should be expected. There are some tips and tricks you can use, though, to minimize this shedding and make your wig last longer and appear fuller. With proper maintenance and care, your lace wig will look like new for years to come

Tip #1: Use Knot Sealer to seal in knots in your lace wig. This comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply. Simply turn the wig inside out and spray the sealer on the mesh or lace. Allow it to completely dry before wearing. This sealer should be applied after every wash. Make sure that the wig dries before sealing.

Tip #2: Don’t scratch your scalp through your lace wig. This can loosen the knots and cause excess shedding. Instead, pat your head with your hand. If this doesn’t work, remove your wig and wash your natural hair with an anti-itch shampoo. Allow your natural hair to completely dry before reapplying your wig.

Tip #3: Use a wide-toothed comb or cushion brush to style and brush your lace wig. Start at the bottom and work your way up, holding the hair at the top to avoid pulling at the knots. Be sure to comb your wig thoroughly, but never comb it when it’s wet.

Tip #4: Avoid using hair care products with high alcohol content. These products can lead to damage, breakage and shedding. Look for specially-formulated products for wigs, or products that are low in alcohol. If you’re unsure by reading the label, ask your local drugstore representative or salon stylist.

Tip #5: Before washing your lace wig, remove all glue residues from your wig to prevent excess shedding. Letting the residue build up can lead to bald spots.

Tip #6: Let your wig air dry after washing. Heat from a hair dryer can split the knots which will lead to shedding. If you absolutely must use a hair dryer, make sure it’s on a cooler setting.

Tip #7: When sleeping, wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head. This helps prevent friction, which is a major cause of shedding and tangling.

Tip #8: Use the right products for your lace wig. Moisturizing on a regular basis is paramount to making sure your wig looks its best every day. Use products that are specifically made for lace wigs. Most hair care products contain chemicals and alcohol that lead to dryness, breakage and shedding.

There are a variety of lace wigs you can order online, as well as accessories and products that will keep your wig looking and feeling great. If you follow the tips above, you will never have to worry about excess shedding or drying.

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