It's a hot season,High bun or ponytail is always a perfect choice for a hot summer. In this season Securing the back of the wig is always the major key to get a natural look if we want to wear the wig in a high ponytail.

However, securing the back of the wig wou,ld be kind of messy if we can not get the hang of it. So learning how to secure the back of a wig effectively will make you feel more confident while you wear a wig. And today I am going to show you how to secure the back of a 360 lace front wig and ensure your wig look natural and realistic all day long.  Steps as below : 


  1. Customize The Hairline

To get started, it's necessary to customize the hairline, which makes the wig looks so much more natural and more realistic.

Place the hair on the wig head, then use an edge control brush and some mousse, set the front of the hair to keep everything in place. As for the back of the hairline, spray some water because you need to pluck it a little bit.

Got a few baby hairs if you want some in the back. Cut them for a more natural and realistic look.



  1. Set Your Natural Hair

Set your real hair into braids and use some glue and holding spray to set your hair when your braids in the front are fuzzy. In the back, make sure to comb up all the naps and kinks and get it to stick. 



  1. Clean skin with alcohol

Use some alcohol, put it on your skin where the glue will be going, not on your actual hairline.



  1. Outline the hairline of the forehead with a brow pencil

Then use a brow pencil, just to map out your hairline of the forehead and put small dots that won't let the wig pass dots.



  1. Cut the lace of forehead and keep the lace at the back

Cut the lace of forehead to make it fit your ear perfectly.



  1. Secure the forehead of the wig first

Let‘s secure the forehead of the wig first. Tighten the adjustable bands in the back when you're doing your hair and glue the forehead down first.



  1. Glue down the back of the lace  

Put hair in a ponytail, put the glue down the back of the wig.  Pull the wig down and press the wig into skin with the lace at the back.



  1. Blow-dry to make it dry  

Blow-dry until it gets completely dry.


Tips: It's really difficult to get the glue on the back of your hairline when you're doing things on your own because it will be messy, so it is best to have somebody who can help you with this process.


  1. Cut the excess lace

Cut the excess lace in portions, beginning with the first part by forehead in a very jagged portion. If you have worries, go back and put glue underneath the lifting parts.



  1. Clean the excess glue   

Apply some alcohol to wipe away the excess glue that was around the hairline.


Tips: Reach out for help when you’re going to deal with the back. Remember that don't let pieces of lace hanging around.

All Done!



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