NEW Fake Scalp Transparent Lace Front Wig—Beginner Friendly Install


A quick summary to get us started, a fake scalp wig is created out of thin yet breathable material. The wig is also known as a new fake scalp method, and when applied to the scalp is invisible. 

Fake Scalp Lace Wig is also called Pre-Made Bald Cap Wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed. Just as the name itself says, a fake scalp human hair lace wig is a unit that comes with a fake scalp attached underneath the front lace area.

Today’s blog is a tutorial video from Msnaturally Mary, let’s see what she introduced  the fake scalp wig in the video:

“Today, I am going to show you a fake scalp wig from Royal Me. I really enjoyed this brand a great deal because their units come with so much of the work is already done for you. They are super beginner-friendly and I feel like really get a good amount of bang for your buck, so after taking the unit out of the box. It comes to this zip to open the bag. This is the unit and her name is Ashley.

This unit is a lace front construction and I love it already came with baby hair, it already has done. That's what I mean beginner-friendly. It has a pre-plucked hairline, if someone who has a hard time creating baby hairs, those are all ready for you and this is what the fake scalp looks like. And did I mention it has an elastic band? This unit fits so snug on my head and I love the breathable material. This fake scalp is made with it and it is also sewn on. Really nice. It's gonna be very durable so y'all know what comes next. We are going to try the unit on. 


I am hoping that it covers my hairline at this point but you always see that i have a low hairline so that's always a bit tricky. This one did not necessarily cover my hairline. So because my edges are already laid and nice and sleek. It's gonna help to create a pretty natural look without me having to secure the sides down as well as that elastic band is attached. That's is so so great for these units. You are not want to necessarily lay down fully in the front and because I got a middle part. The size can be easily concealed. This particular unit comes with the middle part or you can get it in a half up and down hairstyle. I opted in for the middle part and right now I am just gonna show you all that this scalp look like. So want to show you the actually parting how realistic does that looks like. It could be my scalp.The color of the knots and everything of it is just perfection. I didn't have to actually spray anything on the fake scalp area. I did however spray some lace tent in the area in the front just before the fake scalp material that they use and I will show you that in a moment. So now I am just gonna put it on my mannequin head give you all an up-close and personal view of how beautifully constructed this unit is.The hairline is just remarkable. 



Now you could go in and tweeze it a little more. But i didn't necessarily to do that because i gonna be wearing it flowing down to the sides. And i feel like what they have done is decent enough. Another cool thing about this unit is that the knots have also been bleached and this unit is the 20 inches but it looked like length 20 to 24. It is super long and the density is only 130 but it looks like and feels like 150 maybe even 180 density compared to certain brands. So you do get a good amount of bang for your buck. Now I am gonna flat iron the hair using my Sebastian shaper. I am gonna spray that on to give it a little bit shine and I also just love how my units that are straight turn out after spraying this on. So I am just gonna go about this process allow y'all watch. Then, I am gonna cut the lace off and then we are going to proceed to install this unit.


Now I have cut the extra lace off. I am gonna modify the lace in the front. So that best matches my skin tone. So I am gonna bleach the lace tip by wig gurus I shared this on my channel multiple times. I am just gonna spray that along the front hairline and then I am gonna smooth everything out just by using a foundation brush. After doing this we can turn the lace over and we can begin installing.


Something that I'd like to note for those who may want to keep the baby hair, the way they were when they originally arrived is to just use the foundation or foundation powder in that area. I use the laced hint and I did notice that after I don't necessarily have the design of the baby hair which is perfectly fine because i didn't necessarily want to use those anyway but some who want to keep them use a powder or just a liquid foundation but don't put too much on your brush. Alright, now it is the time put this unit on, this was actually the easiest part just putting it on your head, you can absolutely wear it like this. I would advise you to flatten out the sides, the area is just on the opposite side of the part, just make sure that the area is splattered. So it looks more natural so now everything is aligned. Y'all can see that it looks really good and I don't necessarily have to put anything on the sides or really in the middle for that matter. I am gonna flatten everything out. Now using my holding spray that on the area near the part and then follow it up with my hot comb just to make sure everything is nice and sleek. Another thing that I didn't share with you is that these units also have 5 inches apart in space so that gonna make it definitely look like your scalp. Because it is an extended amount of parting space. I also like they created a really good width apart space as well.


 So now it is the time to melt the lace in the front and I will be using a bit hairspray in order to do so. I won't be swearing it on the side only in the center. And I am just spraying it in the center and then I gonna pull it over that area place the lace down. And then grad my blow-dryer in order to drive that area until it was fully dry. This looks so good. The transparent lace blends so nicely into my skin. It just melted and it looks like it could be mine. On this site, you could actually pin those down with a bobby pin. I didn't decide to do that but if I went out, I 'd probably make sure that secured down with just bobby pins or just pull it behind my ear. But these are the finished results.


I love everything about this unit. It looks so beautiful in the hair, super silky and soft. Love love it. Hope you all enjoyed this super beginner-friendly tutorial.”

In Sogoodhair, the fake scalp lace wig is the most realistic look requiring no extra work.  Extra delicate lace overly to protect the scalp from wearing, breathable and soft.

The fake scalp lace wig has removable elastic band and combs sew-in, fit all size, and secure.

So the wig is a no more work needed a wig, all the hair knots is pre-bleached, can reach an invisible hair parting look, And do lightly pre-plucked hairline, It is very easy to install and create a natural hairline.

Sogoodhair, we have been in the pursuit of offer quality hair at affordable prices for customers. Maybe you can notice our price is lowest than most of the hair brand companies. We are a new brand, we really want to get more and more customer satisfaction. So if you want a natural and realistic look, the fake scalp lace wig is your best choice. come to us:


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