This Half Up Half Down Style Can Be Your New Inspiration For Summe

Searching for protective styles with weaves for summer? This half up half down hairstyle can be your inspiration with a quick installation. It can be achieved with an easy quick weave method or sew-in method.

Now let's dive into the ultimate guide to this class half up half down weave style!

Pros And Cons Of Half Up Half Down Weave:


A great option to have this updo hairstyle if you have long and thick natural hair.

Don't need closure and frontal, bundles will suffice to achieve this style.

Easy Styling And Maintenance.

Natural weave hairstyles without showing the tracks.

Quick installing compared with a traditional full sew-in.


Not a full protective style.

Not friendly to short hair and thin hair.

Potential tension and breakage.

How Long Does An Half Up Half Down Last?

A half up half down with weave can last 4-5 weeks and It depends on the growth of the natural hair and the glue situation of your weaves. And it is not advised to use this style too much time.

What Kind Of Hair Should You Use For Half Up Half Down?

You can use bundles to achieve this look. Human hair bundles are suggested if you want to have a natural blending and have this look last longer, you can get bundles from Sogoodhair.

How To Do An Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With Quick Weave


Step 1: Do A Full Cleaning And Conditioning To Your Hair And The Bundles

Before you do anything to your natural hair, you might want to keep your hair clean first. Because your hair will be styled into braids and keep it under the wig cap until you decide to take off the weave and the cap. So a fully cleaned natural hair is important to achieve a half up half down hairstyle with healthy hair and scalp.

And don't forget to wash the dirt and chemicals that stay on the bundles you just get from local beauty supply stores or online hair sellers.

Step 2: Prepare Your Natural Hair

Part your hair into two sections (front and back section). And then separate the hair in the back section into different parts for braiding. And then braiding the hair in the back into cornrows.

And you can use holding spray braids to hold the braids and bond Protectant to prevent the glue from damaging the natural hair and your scalp.

Step 3: Put On Stocking Caps

Then tuck your hair into a wig stocking cap. You can use 2 stocking caps if you think you need to use caps to protect your natural hair from the glue.

And you can again apply bond protectant before using holding spray on the wig cap if you want to have extra protection for your natural hair. Then blow-dry the products until it is not sticky.

Step 4: Measure The Hair Tracks

Use bundles to measure the right length of the hair tracks. Put your bundles and cap close together and from down to the top. Mark the parts to know where to start and end.

And then cut the exact hair tracks so that it can be a precise measurement for gluing.

Step 5: Glue The Weaves To The Stocking Caps

The key to applying glue on stocking caps is that you glue the bundles with a U shape pattern.

Step 6: Styling Your Natural Hair

Use heat tools to style your natural hair to blend with the bundles.

And get your hair into a high ponytail with braids. And use styling strips to wrap the braids to protect the natural hair from the glue.

And glue hair tracks on the braids, then use a piece of bundle hair to wrap around the ponytail.

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