What You Must Know About Bob Wig?

The bob hairstyle is everyone's favorite. It gives you an instantly chic and classic look. When it comes to purchasing a bob wig for yourself, there are many questions that you need serious and simple answers to. That is why we arrange this article for you to inform bob wigs' benefits, lengths, type, and how to wear and secure them.

  • What Is A Bob Wig?

    Bob wigs consider as a short hairstyle that does not go out of fashion since it came. The wig comes with different manufacturing styles, either without lace, lace front, or full lace wig. You can pick the one according to your preference.

  • What Are the Major Benefits of Bob Wigs?

    If you eagerly want to have short hair just to change your look but are frightened if it does not suit you or your lifestyle, then it is time to buy a bob wig.
    If you are experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions or receding hairline and want to boost your self-esteem, bob wigs can help you.
    If you want your facial details in focus, the bob wig can contribute to it. You only need to pick the suited bob wig length according to your face shape. Also, if you have a lace front bob wig or full lace bob wig, you can make different hairstyles and partition lines at your desired place. 

Different Lengths of Bob Wigs in Inches:
    Here comes an interesting part which all you want to know. Let's make it clear first; bob wigs are not only chin-length. These are of various lengths from which one can pick according to t their preference.
Different lengths of bob wigs in inches are 10, 12, 14.

10 inches bob wig reaches to cover your neck.
12 inches bob wig vigorously touch your shoulders,
14 inches bob wig reaches your upper back.

  • How to Choose A Bob Wig According to Your Face?

 1.Round Face:
    If you have a round face, you must pick a long bob to give your face an elongate shape. The bob should reach your shoulders. However, a short bob longer than your chin, if styled perfectly, gives you a desired beautiful look. Make sure not to have chin-length or shorter bob wigs.
2.Oval Face:
    If you have an oval face shape, here's good news for you, you can wear almost any length and texture of bob wigs. Also, you can play with your hair to make different hairstyles to flatter your face.
3.Square Face:
    We suggest you have a bob below the chin that is wavy. It will help you look naturally perfect face shape by softening the jawline and face square shape. You can also have bangs till the eye line makes your face look shorter and younger.
4.Heart-shape Face:
    This face shape is already flattered. Picking the right hairstyle multiplies your beauty. Chin-length bob hair is preferred. It makes your cheekbones framed and adds fullness in the chin area, where it looks narrow.

5.Oblong Face:
    You do not need to make extra effort to beautify your oblong face to look shorter and perfectly shaped. Picking the right wavy-length hairstyle makes the oblong face oval-shaped. Therefore, you can easily get the desired bob wigs for yourself.

  • How to Wear the Bob Wigs?

    It is the most asked question, and here is a straightforward answer. You can wear it like a bonnet or skull cap. Put the bob wig from your back and bring it forward to the hairline to wear it. If it has combs and/or elastic, place it on your head at the place where you think the bob wig will adjust. If it has lace, purchase the desired color, transparent or HD lace, to make a realistic installation by sewing or gluing.

  • Where Can You Purchase the Lace Front Bob Wigs of The Desired Length?

     If you are the one who loves to get the lace front bob wigs made of 100% virgin human with transparent lace, in which knots are pre-bleached, the hairline is pre-plucked and ready to use when out of the box, then you are at the right place. Sodoodhair is offering wigs with qualities that provide numerous benefits and hold the customers' trust for many years.

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