Which Length Of Wig Do Women Most Commonly Buy?

  Recently we have done a research about "Which length of wig did or will you buy?" The result seems like there isn't a specific length that is most commonly.
  That might because women purchase wigs for a variety of reasons, and they may choose different lengths at different times.
  Sometimes we want to radically change up our style, so we'll go for something short and brightly colored. 
  Other times want to look elegant, so we'll choose wigs that cascade far down the backs. 
  And sometimes we just want a wig to look as natural as possible, so we'll go with mid-length styles.
  Within those three categories, certain lengths are more recommended than others:
12 inches: This is the perfect length for a chic bob or a short, messy cut. It's long enough to fall around your ears and look natural, but short enough to be easily washed and worn on the go. This is especially good for women who lead an active lifestyle.
18 inches: If you're interested in a more mid-length style, then 18 inches is a convenient length, as it falls halfway down your back yet is still manageable. It can be easily pulled into a ponytail for a daytime look or left down for an elegant nighttime vibe.
24 inches: This is the longest length that many standard wigs come in (although you can always find them longer). This will often reach down to your waist, or even past it, and is a sharp statement.
  An important fact to remember, however, is that these lengths apply to straight wigs. The curlier the wig you purchase, the shorter the hair will seem: 24 inches on a very curly wig will look like 22 inches on a straight one. Before you go shopping for a specific length, consider the curls. 
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