How to Cut the Fringe Bangs at Home?

Wigs with Bangs are a great way to change your hairstyle. The hairstyle entails shorter hair set in front of your existing hair, framing the face with a fashionable flair. If you have a wig with no bangs and want to cut a bang after wearing it, you will not miss the following.

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Part1  Preparing Your Hair


  1. Cleanse your hair. 
    Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo in a shower or sink – for best results, try a high-quality one designed for your hair type. Make sure your hair is thoroughly rinsed of shampoo before proceeding.
  2. Condition your hair, if needed. 
      Most people don’t need to condition the bang area. But for those who do, the conditioner will help relax your hair and make it much easier to deal with in cutting. The conditioner leaves a bit of moisture in the hair, allowing it to fall agreeably and become easier to manage.
  3. Dry your hair.
     Dry your hair by taking sections and squeezing them gently with a towel, working from the roots to the ends before moving to a new section. A microfiber towel works best for this.

  4. Comb your hair. 
    Combing your hair will allow you to find an ideal length and measurement. The combing process will also detangle any hairs that have bunched up in the drying process.
    ·To get rid of tangles and knots with the least amount of hair damage, use a wide-tooth comb, start at the ends of your hair, and work your way up toward your roots. 

  5. Part your hair, or not. 
  6. There are un-parted as well as parted bang styles. If you’re going for along-side swept bang or a parted bang, you can part your hair where you normally wear it before cutting. Otherwise, let it hang down un-parted.
  7. 6.Section off the hair that you intend to be your bangs. 
    Section off the triangle of hair from the top-center of your head to the outsides of your eyebrows. It shouldn’t extend past the outer corners of your brows or the top of your head.

    7. Put the rest of your hair in a ponytail. 

Having hair out of the way can give you a better sense of how the bangs will look.
·Working without hair potentially getting in the way can help you avoid mistakes and cutting unintended hair. A ponytail is also another look you may want to incorporate with your new style.
8. Comb out the section of your hair evenly in front of your face.
 Combing the hair out in front of your face will help you see when you are cutting as well as how short you will have to cut in order to see.

Part2 Cutting Your Hair


1. Choose an appropriate pair of scissors.

Styling scissors can be bought at any beauty supply store. The scissors have a sharpness meant for hair. Beauty supply stores often sell scissors meant for hair at various sizes. Smaller scissors will allow for more control and may come in handy when shaping your fringe.

2. Divide the bangs into 1” sections and start cutting at the bottom section. 

Divide your hair into horizontal rows of no more than 1” thick. Then, begin at the bottom. Hold the scissors upright and line them up along your hair before cutting. This will help avoid cutting your hair into a flat line.

3. Move your scissors to the left or right about a quarter of an inch, and continue cutting. 

Move as little to one side as possible to ensure you're cutting all of your intended bangs. Continue making vertical snips along your hairs' ends. Cut as flat as possible - without cutting across - near the middle of your head and allow for longer strands as you work your way outward. After you've finished one side, repeat the process on the other.

4. Repeat the cutting process until you manage to shape your new bangs. 

Keep working your way up toward the crown of your head, cutting as sparingly as possible and never directly across. When your bangs are there, you'll know it!
  Remember to be patient. Think of your hair like an art piece - nothing is perfect when rushed.

5. Shake your hair around, part it, and you're done! 

Congratulations, you've achieved one of the most popular and fashionable hairstyles out there, all from the comfort of your own home!

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