Is Fake Scalp Necessary?

If you still don't know what is a fake scalp lace wig, please read this first: What is a Fake Scalp Lace Cap? What Does a Fake Scalp Lace Wig Look Like?

  Since pre-made fake scalp lace wigs starting losing popularity halfway into 2019, more and more people are doubting: is a pre-made fake scalp necessary?

  Today, we're going to talk about this, starting from a few questions:
1. What is a pre-made fake scalp aimed at doing?
  The pre-made fake scalp is inspired by the stocking cap, bald scalp wig-wearing method. It is designed to wearing a wig without the step of wearing and gluing a stocking cap between natural hair and your lace wig. This is to hide the black or dark-colored natural hair, to make the hair parting look more natural.
  So, I think that the pre-made fake scalp may be better called a pre-made stocking cap.

2. Why does pre-made, fake scalp lace wigs' parting look more natural?
  This natural look results from both bleached knots and the pre-made fake scalp. The bleached knots make the black hair knots invisible, and the pre-made fake scalp hides the dark natural hair.
  In actuality, the bleached knots are much more important than the fake scalp.    We normally bleach the knots because if the wig already comes with a fake scalp, how can we bleach the knots at home?
  So please don't misunderstand the fake scalp: It does not hide the hair knots, it hides your natural hair.

3. And when do we need a fake scalp lace wig?
  The answer is, of course, when we don't want to wear an extra stocking cap between our natural hair and the wig.
  If we prefer to take off our wigs every night, it's more convenient to take off just your wig, instead of both a wig and a stocking cap. Not to mention that the stocking cap is very fragile.

So, is the pre-made fake scalp necessary?
  That is totally up to you! If you wear a stocking cap inside, then going without the fake scalp is totally okay, if you don't want to wear an extra stocking cap inside the wig, choose the wig with a pre-made fake scalp to hide your natural hair from the parting area.
  After reading all the above, you may already know the difference between the fake scalp and the silk top.
  In short, the fake scalp takes the place of the stocking cap, while the silk top is designed to hide the hair knots instead of bleaching them.

Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, idea below!

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