U-Part Wigs are Hot! Find out Why

U-Part Wig Benefits of Wearing One

  U-part wigs are swiftly becoming one of the most popular wig types, and there are several reasons to it. So, what are U-part wigs? This is basically just a little bit altered half wig that is made in the shape of a U cut on its tops. This U shape is necessary because it enables you to attach a little bit of your own natural hair onto it, so that track appears more natural.
  U-part wigs are easy to use besides having that transitional visual quality that makes them appear so natural-you can attach on with hair combs, hair clips or sew it on to your weaved in hair. This is why U-part wigs are so popular for wig users: they are convenient to use and versatile, and their use and maintenance is so convenient – this will save you a lot of time and this is something that is very important for a lot of us.

How to Choose the Perfect U-Part Wig for your Needs?

  We can all agree that along with beauty of having full head of hair thanks to the great wig, you also get additional commitment and duty about its maintenance. This doesn’t mean that you have to wash it with distilled water or, as some say that you should sleep with a net on your head. Good and quality U-Part Wig acts just as you are used to with your hair, and there is no reason to think about some special treatments and measures.

Things to consider when choosing your U-Part Wig are:

1. Does the hair in it belong to certain class?
2. Has it been dyed by the manufacturer?
3. Is this hair a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair?
4. Does this hair have health certificate?

  Most common question from unsatisfied clients is: why does hair tangle? and most common answer is that you don’t maintain it properly. But this is far from truth, and such answers create uncertainty on entire market and degrade reputation of quality shops. The most common reason why hair tangles is that it is poorly classed. This means that hair root and end are mixed, that it is not sure where hair starts and where it ends. If one hair is attached as it would be in the head, and the other as attached to its end (instead to its root), this will cause friction of these two hairs and they will tangle.

  It is desirable but not necessary that hair put in wig wasn’t colored before. If you want to change the color of your wig, we recommend that you don’t do it on your own, but to get it done in the hairdresser’s or from shop that sold the wig to you. When choosing U-Part Wig don’t get attracted to price, but to quality of manufacturer and his reputation. If U-Part Wig as health certificate for the quality of hair, you can be sure that you have come to the right place.
  Pay attention to the thickness of hair. We all know that light hair is thinner than dark hair, so keep this is mind when buying your wig. Buy hair on ounces, and never buy it wet, because wet hair is up to 20% heavier than dry hair. Keep in mind also that long hair is heavier than short, and this can also affect the price. #SOGOODHAIR is a trusted supplier for many stylists. Make sure to Contact Us with any hair extension questions.

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